• ул. Г. Софийски №3, София
  • 20.10.2021

The Society has the following goals:

1. To bring together professionals working in the field of radiobiology and radiation protection in other scientific and applied fields using sources of ionizing radiation.

2. To establish, and maintain professional standards of radiobiology and radiation protection practice.

3. To support the professional development and improvement of the specialists.

4. To encourage co-operation among persons engaged in radiation protection activities

5. To ppromote achievements in radiobiology and radiation protection and their application in industry, medical practi

ce and research. 6. To provide for and give support to scientific meetings on topics related to radiation protection.

7. To ensure international contacts and cooperation with similar organizations, foundations, etc., having similar goals and activities in the country and abroad.

8. To promote the publication of materials in the field of radiobiology and radiation protection.